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The Redrock 3
Lord Reginald Laufbaum
The Penitent
Cities and Places
Baldur’s Gate
The Red Bat’s Nest Inn and Taproom
Baldur’s Gates General Notes
Declaration of Martial Law
Campaign Timeline
Shoddy Record Keeping


The Redrock 3

The Redrock 3 are three survivors from the town of Redrock. Redrock does not lie within the borders of The Protectorate, Faerun, or even Toril. It’s location and time relative to Faerun in 1856 are unknown. The Redrock 3 came to Baldur’s Gate after being swallowed by a colossal wyrm covered in writhing humanoid corpses.
Lord Reginald Laufbaum

Former Mayor of Redrock, Governor of the Southern Colony, and Loyal Subject to Empress Elise. He is a handsome man in his early 50s. He was married to a much younger woman (Lareen) and his desire to please her inadvertently resulted in the destruction of Redrock and his relocation to Faerun.

Relawna was a dancing girl in Redrock. Though chained and offered as a sacrifice to a demon (Nabassu) residing in the town’s cemetery, she escaped. Aside from her striking physical beauty, her naturally purple hair is noteworthy and distinctive.

Digger is a remarkably sturdy man who is also remarkably ugly. As a gravedigger in Redrock’s cemetery he was the first to notice the restless dead. Digger was briefly possessed by a demon who began to transform one of his feet. Digger removed the foot with an axe.
The Penitent

The Penitent are criminals who committed capital crimes (murder, treason). Instead of execution they are “rehabilitated” as a form of forced penitence and repentance. Some are known to serve in the military as common foot soldiers and laborers. Their uniforms differ. The emblem of the Protectorate is altered to show a chain between Helm’s hands in place of Eldath’s waterfall.
Cities and Places

Baldur’s Gate

The campaign started in Baldur’s Gate with The Wizard’s Amulet. It was here the players met Corian and began their adventures.

On a later visit they spoke with Hedwig in his home who aided them in gaining an audience with the Black Cult of Ahm. Hedwig’s home seemed an average structure on the outside, but the interior was grand with a large fountain in the center of the first room which seemed much larger than the building appeared to be from outside. Nedylene and her Mistress T’rissva began to travel with the group at this point.

After escaping the mists and the town of Redrock they found themselves at the walls of Baldur’s Gate. Hedwig’s home was greatly changed. Hedwig mentioned that he had been visited by some unwelcome guests.

The Red Bat’s Nest Inn and Taproom

You are in the huge taproom of The Red Bat’s Nest, an inn owned by the Vanderboren family. You were directed to the inn by Lavinia Vanderboren and given free room and board for the duration of your stay in Baldur’s Gate.

The Red Bat’s Nest seems to attract clientele from many walks of life. Dockworkers, guards, sages, merchants and nobles are all present and there are items on the menu to accommodate the amount of coin available to each. Grog and a trencher full of fish head soup or a nice chianti with roast duck covered in a honey glaze.

A long bar runs the length of the north wall opposite the entrance and the kitchen staff are visible through open windows. There are fireplaces on the east and west walls. A large hearth in the center of the taproom is open on all four sides. The chimney is free standing and rises through the roof above the 3rd floor. The second and third floors of the inn are open in the center and you can see guests leaning on the rails high above. Colorful banners, large tapestries, animal trophies, weapons and bits of armor decorate the walls and ceilings. Red bats are prominent in the banners and tapestries. Several very large red bats, fine examples of taxidermy, hang above the innkeeper’s desk from the underside of the 3rd floor.

The innkeeper’s desk is directly in front of the door and separated from the taproom by a waist high wooden wall. Open wooden stairs on either side of the entrance lead to the upper rooms. Accommodations in these rooms range from 1cp for a night on the floor of the common room to 20gp for a night in the Regent’s Room.

You’ve each been given a room in the 4gp per night range. A wide window offers a 2nd floor view over the street. Under it there is a large bed with feather mattress and pillows, satin sheets and a down stuffed quilt. There is a large armoire, a pair of cushioned chairs and a settee. A wash stand and chamber pot are hidden behind a standing screen. A subtle red bat motif runs throughout.

Baldur’s Gates General Notes

City guards wear black helms with red stripes on either side. Most of their patrols are focused on the upper half of the city.

The former temple to Gond is now owned by the city and used as a temple of Helm and guard barracks. Tymora’s temple has been renovated and turned into a high-end casino. (Fitting tribute, perhaps.) Umberlee’s temple was destroyed during the Spell Famine that followed the Time of Troubles.

A much neglected and mostly forgotten temple (grove) dedicated to the worship of Eldath is on the grounds of the temple of Helm. The entrance to the grove is a narrow door within a wall that is hidden behind a hedgerow.

Declaration of Martial Law


Just as the mob has worked itself into a frenzy and the guards have drawn their swords, a glowing blue helix appears in the air 3 feet above the Duke’s head. It is about a foot wide and three feet tall, spinning slowly. It begins to glow brighter and spin faster as it expands. The mob’s attention is drawn to it and a hush falls over the crowd.

The Duke is yelling at one of his mounted guards “. . . utterly ridiculous! They are behaving as savages! How am I to calm them if I know not what angers them!”

Another mounted guard notices the helix and shouts, “My Lord! Look over your head!”

The Duke looks up and gasps. He and the other mounted guards move away from the helix and toward the interior of the keep. The helix continues to expand, the crowd points and murmurs, and the semi-circle of guards turns its attention from the crowd to the anomaly.

The helix expands until it is at least 20 feet across and spins so rapidly it looks like a solid cylinder of intense blue light. There is a deep bass sound so low you can feel it more than hear it and the light becomes so intense you can’t see anything. The sound suddenly stops and the the bright light vanishes. Standing in the circle between the foot soldiers and the Duke stand 18 people who weren’t there before.
4 massive soldiers in shining full plate and closed helms and hammers 6 feet long
12 people dressed in blue and yellow holding staves (8 men, 4 women)
1 man in full plate with an open helm, also with a hammer 6 feet long
1 tall woman dressed similarly to the 12 in blue and yellow, also with a staff and holding a large scroll

The woman with the scroll steps forward. “I am Sōka Dayok, mage of the 4th circle. I bring a proclamation from the Chancellor to Duke Rizol and the people of Baldur’s Gate. Is Duke Rizol present?” Her voice seems to carry unnaturally well.

The Duke makes his presence known and rides up to Sōka and dismounts.

“Duke Rizol, please inspect the seal on this scroll. Is it, to the best of your knowledge, the seal of Chancellor Quave Olorae and is it unbroken?”

The Duke responds in the affirmative.

“The seal has been inspected and therefore the document is binding. I will now read it with Duke Rizol of Baldur’s Gate and all others present to bear witness.

‘Let it be known that due to the current hostile conditions within The Protectorate Confederacy of Nations and Territories of Faerûn, martial law has been declared by Quave Olorae, the Chancellor thereof. According to the Concord of Consolidation, Article 5, Section 18, paragraph 27, the office of Commandant Supreme will also be held by the Chancellor for the duration of martial law. All military and para-military forces within the member nations and territories are subject to the orders of the Commandant Supreme.’

The signature of Quave Olorae marks this document. Let it be so.”

She rolls the scroll and puts it away.

“Civil law is suspended. Military law is now in effect. Bishop Malleus and myself are acting representatives of the Chancellor for the city of Baldur’s Gate and the southern subsection of the Sword Coast Province. As such our word shall be as the Chancellor’s for the duration of martial law. Further notices will be made public as is deemed necessary.
That is all.

Campaign Timeline

Campaign Date Session Date
1856.10.02 2009.10.10 The characters left Baldur’s Gate for Fairhill
1856.10.03 2009.10.17 Encounter at Hightower tor
1856.10.04 2009.10.31 Duvik’s Pass
1856.10.08 ? Leucrotta encounter. PCs spent 3 days to recover.
1856.10.12 2009.11.07 Smiling Skull > Farmhouse occur on the same day. The PCs spent 4 days at the farm.
1856.10.18 2009.11.21 Arrive in Fairhill.
? 2009.12.12 Encounter with manes, rutterkin and vrocks on the road to Baldur’s Gate.
— —— (Shoddy record keeping. See below.)
1856.11.14 2010.07.24 The characters arrive in Baldur’s Gate after saving a young noblewoman and her bodyguards from a pack of undead.
1856.11.15 2010.08.21 Martial Law is declared in Baldur’s Gate by the Protectorate.
1856.11.16 2010.09.18 The characters left Baldur’s Gate for Fairhill. The Redrock 3 accompany them in a wagon of their own.
1856.11.16 2010.10.02 Tom of Sevens left the group to return to Baldur’s Gate. The PCs slept the first night in the Hightower Tor. They met Morte and Mac, a jester and tall gaunt guy in a robe. They seemed to be from a different time. Zombies harassed them all night long.
1856.11.17 2010.10.02 Cadran the Protectorate Warmage joins the group.The village of Trublood’s Forge is encountered half a day’s travel past the tor. The residents have boarded over the windows and placed barriers in the street to hold the undead at bay. They also asked the PCs to recover a relic from a nearby tomb. Undead guarding the tomb have been defeated, the relic recovered and imprisoned villagers freed.
-—- 2010.10.16 The residents who requested the recovery of the relic turned out to be vampires (and cronies thereof) and attacked the PCs. Karn fell under the sway of a Gwyneth Trublood and sat at the dining table clothed in a silk dress, sipping tea during most of the combat. Cade was nearly dead when Karn broke free of Gwyneth’s control.
1856.11.19 2010.10.23 The PCs stopped in Divuk’s Pass. The walls have been greatly improved by the Protectorate presence in the town. The Penitent are seen for the first time by the PCs. Sledge, the commander of the garrison at Divuk’s Pass, confronted the clerical members of the group. Emmerris was diplomatic and Sledge was about to leave when Zog became confrontational. Violence was narrowly averted and Sledge took them on a tour of the ongoing excavation within the former silver mine.
1856.11.24 —- The PCs found themselves back at a farmhouse where they previously fought Vortigern and his allies. Vortigern appeared again with new allies and demanded that the PCs send out “Hedwig’s brat.” Combat was entered, an undead dwarf slain, Vortigern drank a potion and was blown away by the wind while the last of his allies stands and fights the PCs.

Shoddy Record Keeping

The PCs cleared Eralion’s ruined keep and claimed it.
Hedwig showed up in Fairhill and accompanied the group on their journey toward Baldur’s Gate. They were attacked by demons while traveling. Hedwig polymorphed himself into a gold dragon and killed the bigger ones (Vrocks).
An ambush awaited the PCs at Hightower Tor.
They returned to Baldur’s Gate where they met Hedwig in his home. He introduced them to the Cult of Ahm. Nedylene and T’rissva began to travel with the group. They headed back to Fairhill with a caravan of goods given to them by Hedwig. During the journey they were surrounded by a bizarre mist that transported them to a town called Redrock. The PCs encounter the remains of townsfolk who had ripped each other apart, a strange door to an ocean-side cliff and defeated a succubus and her minions. Emmerriss (Gantt’s character) joined the group. They were swallowed whole by a titanic wyrm composed of corpses. Instead of being painfully digested they were returned to the Realms and found that 2 weeks had passed in what seemed like 1 or 2 days to them. The Mayor of Redrock, a gravedigger and a purple haired dancing girl were also swallowed and came to the Realms. (The Redrock 3 now reside in Baldur’s Gate.)
They returned to Baldur’s Gate and spoke briefly with Hedwig who revealed there had been an artifact hidden among the goods they were carrying. Emmeriss suggested a trip to Waterdeep to find more information about the book of glyphs.
While in Waterdeep a quest to recover the Commandant’s missing cat led the PCs into the sewers. While there ratlings, wererats, a demented sorcerer, weresharks and a werecrocodile were encountered. Waterdeep sealed itself off; first the sea gates were closed and then the gates through the walls. Thick dark clouds streaked with purple lightning covered the sky. The PCs sold their horses and excess gear before using ropes to lower themselves down a cliff to escape the city and head back to Baldur’s Gate.
1856.11.14 – Tetharion (Josh’s character) joins the group. They witness undead entering Faerun through the purple lightning. They also save a noblewoman and her bodyguards from a fearsome undead. The Noblewoman, Lavinia Vanderboren, rewards the PCs after they arrive in Baldur’s Gate. She also allows them free room and board in The Red Bats Nest.
Cade meets a pretty female halfing who invites him to join a guild. When she leads him to a warehouse on the dock she is kidnapped and Cade escapes by jumping out a window. Someone attempts to break into the room Cade and Karn are sharing later that night.


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